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Looking for serious co-operationmodern and highly qualified & certified shipyards

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Increasing demands for ever greater efficiency and the highest possible profits have meant that resources, both technical and human, are being exploited to the full.

Paradoxically, the tendency has been to achieve optimisation through a reduction in staff numbers.

The obligatory stays in ship repair yards and ongoing maintenance impose a heavy burden on the running costs of ship owners, and getting the best possible value for their money is absolutely essential.

The need for credible international networks and partnerships has never been greater, or more significant, than it is today.

I A S A - The International Association of Shiprepair Agents Ltd. and its members are key to promoting links between ship owners and serious ship repair providers based on mutual trust and integrity.

The selected ship repair providers, as represented by company cornelius a/s, meet a stringent set of demands for supplying products and services under a pre-agreed framework that assumes a basic correlation between quality, price and time.

Prompt and thorough preparation creates the best possible conditions for an unproblematic stay in the ship yard, avoiding potential misunderstandings and delays and paving the way for a close working partnership.

Ship owner, ship repair provider and the representative, all working together in an atmosphere of trust and credibility - a deal is a deal, hence our motto::

Professionals in a Professional Industry

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